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    GoSco's Kaka Intermediate sig tut

    Hello. Today we will be learning how to make a sig, Similar to this:

    Create a new document, size around 500x200 or whatever you are used to.
    Fill it with a darkish grey colour and add a few textures infront of it. Just images of random things like walls or paperbags, set these layers to overlay with low opacities, each different, around 10-20%.

    It should then look something like this:

    Next add your Render, this is going in your bg, so you might want to include the player's face or shirt. Set this layer to overlay or whatever looks the best and set to around 15 opacity. Add a C4D towards the edge and change its colour using the hue to the clubs colour if needed, erase what looks bad. Set to lighten or screen, opacity around 15% or so. Create an applied image (CTRL, ALT, Shift and E), Go to, Filter>Brush Stokes>Splatter and adjust your settings, it doesnt matter, set to overlay and the opacity to around 25%. If your sig is looking a bit bright, Make a dark grey colour fill, multiply and lower the oacity to whatever looks good.

    You should then have something like this:

    Get a brush, a soft one prefrebly, white and make random brushings on a new layer, set to overlay, and lower the opacity to whatever you like. The reason for this is to brighten up parts of your sig to get a nice vairied tone.

    Time to add your render. Pop it on and resize it to a decent size, maybe a bit bigger than what you usually would do and set it to color dodge, opacity 100%
    Duplicate this layer, set to multiply, with and opac around 50% or so and erase some parts of it. Just a little bit of the side or so, what ever you like. Duplicate the first render layer, keep it at color dodge and put the opac to about 40% odd. Duplicate this layer, set to multiply, opac around 77% odd and again, erase parts of the render. Differently to the one a few layers before. Create an applied image, get a nice smudge brush and brush slightly the bg over the render to blend it in. Erase the excess bg that night have got smudeged and looks bad. Keep the layer normal and at 100%

    It should look similar to this:

    Get some nice brush, a very soft one and brush white on a new layer. Set this to overlay.
    Make another new layer and brush on some specks in white, sharpen these and set it to overlay.
    Now, add a nice C4D. Put to either lighten or screen and change the colour of it if needed. Erase what looks bad.

    This is after the changes:

    Next is the text that runs along the bottom. I used the font Arial, put it in bold, and adjusted the text settings to make the characters closer together. You want the text to run along the bottom of the sig so if the players name is too short you can loop it round again or put the teams name, players number, anything that is relevant really. Once you have done this you can change the colour of the text and if it is a bit unreadable, make a new layer underneath it and brush it with a colour, (I used black) and lower the opac a bit. Make a new layer and put some soft black brushing over it and set to overlay then put a clipping mask on it so it fits down with the text and then do the same but with white.

    This is what my sig looks like now:

    Make a new applied image and go to Filter>Distort>Ripple and dont go too overboard with the settings. Just change it a bit. Set this layer to lighten and erase over the text and render, and some parts of the the bg too.You should leve it where the C4D is. Next on a new layer I put some grunge brushes in white and set the layer to overlay. Hide this layer and make an applied image. Put this over the previous brush layer via a clipping mask. This darkens parts of the sig down nicley. Put a flowing line bush across the middle of the sig and erase it from the render. Create another applied image and go to Filter>Distort>Ocean Ripple. Set this to lighten and erase most parts around the middle. try and leave it over the text. Lower the opac to whatever you like.

    Heres what I have:

    Its looking good but its not fihshed yet

    Next add the second text. The teams name or anything. Use anyfont you like, do it any style you like. Just pop it on top of the text. Make some grunge brushing on a new layer in white on multiply and clip a new applied image over it. New layer and use a white brush to make a light source over where you think it looks good. I done a bit of extra brushing in black to create Milan stripes in the bg. I set that to saturation but you don't have to do that. I made an applied image, set that to overlay and erase everything apart from bits of where the render the render is. Set the opac to 65% or something. Then I added a C4D turned it into my main colour, set to screen and opac of 30%

    Here is my sig now:

    This is where we add the adjustments. Now Im not going to tell you how to do this as it could ruin your sig and its different for every sig. I used a few gradient maps, photo filters, colour balances, selective colours, curves, a few colour fills, with different shades of orange, red and blues finished off with a brightness/contrast to make it a bit brighter. I then added my name in the corner and a border then thats me finished!

    Here is the outcome again

    Hope you enjoyed making your sig

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    ["בברכה", -moSko- :] ]

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