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  1. agamB מנותק/ת TopGear Baby
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    What's love?,
    love is a combination of several letters in a certain order.
    Those letters have multiple meanings to us, humans. Love means expressing emotions, love means a way to get something you want.
    Sometimes, people use that word just to make their colleague feel better
    with themmselves and with you.
    Sometimes it pops without any control, but from a burst of hidden feelings.
    Love is a very intense word, sometimes it differs between life and death.

    Love is also a thing you can lose very fast if you don't know how to hold on to it.

    So pay attention to what you are saying and more important, keep your love alive.

    נערך לאחרונה על ידי agamB; 07.04.09 בשעה 19:45.

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