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    eXpert PDF Editor Pro v6.30.460

    eXPert PDF Editor is the solution for viewing/printing and editing pdf documents. With eXPert PDF Editor you can view, navigate, manipulate, mark-up and save PDF files while still maintaining the integrity of the original documents..eXPert PDF editor allows full editing on pdf documents (Pro edition) with out the needs of external applications. While other editors are limited to specific pdf objects editing or aplly many kind of limitations on pdf editing expert pdf editor will allow you to modify any object with its unique WYSIWYG interface and functionaltiy.

    With eXPert PDF Editor, you can significantly accelerate your review cycles using powerful commenting tools, while protecting the integrity of your source document. eXpert PDF Editor also allows you to easily insert, extract, delete and rotate, and re-order pages from multiple PDF files to produce one PDF file.

    eXPert PDF Editor provides a cost effective, reliable and easy to use tool within the corporate, government, and education markets. eXPert PDF Editor is a companion application to eXPert PDF Creator and is also available as a standalone product.

    eXPert PDF Editor Features

    View and Print PDF files

    Open, navigate and print any PDF file using eXPert PDF Editor. Navigation options include, thumbnails, pages, bookmarks or hyperlinks. Using eXPert PDF Editor as the default PDF viewer in Internet Explorer allows access to Editor's tools when viewing PDF files from the web.

    Annotate with comments

    eXPert PDF Editor includes the ability to create/add and save comments directly in the PDF file. Add "sticky note" comments or highlight text. All comment types have a pop-up comment window into which you can type additional information.

    Manipulate PDF files

    eXPert PDF Editor allows you to manipulate PDF pages and documents by changing document security, merge/append pages from other documents,delete, insert, extract and reordering pages and then save the changes to the file.

    Bookmark editing

    Add, edit, format, reposition and delete bookmarks. Formatting features include font, colour, and bold and italic preferences. The destination zoom level of all bookmarks in a document can be set to the same level, especially useful after combining several documents with bookmarks into one document.

    Full text, image, and vector drawing editing (Professional Edition)

    eXPert PDF Editor is the only product available allowing full editing of pdf documents with out the needs of external applications. With expert pdf editor you may create/modify/delete text objects, images and even vector drawing objects like curves, lines, paths. With eXPert PDF Editor your pdf documents can be edited using functionality like whell known vector drawing applications.

    Familiar and customizable/skinable interface

    eXPert PDF Editor was designed with Microsoft Offices users in mind so reducing the learning curve for using this application. Many features function similar to those in MS Office applications and standard Windows keyboard shortcuts are used. There are several ways to customize the user interface such as dock the Navigation pane on the left or right of your screen, allow it to float, rearrange toolbars and turn toolbars or individual buttons off or on.And final the reader support skins/themes so you may adopt its visual appearance to you needs.

    eXPert PDF editor is available as Standard and Professional Edition, please see the features matrix bellow for differences between the standard and professional edition.

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